In PA, John Fetterman is the democrat and Mehmet Oz. The latest polls have fettermant up 8.7 average. Fetterman is Bernie Sanders, he is the lieutenant governor of PA. He is a progressive, socialist, far left, green new deal as far as you can go. Wants to end fracking and all fossil fuel in PA. The other thing you have to factor in is that he stroked out before the primary election in May. Fetterman beats Connor Lamb while in the hospital. 2 months after the primary election, he still can’t go out on the campaign trail. He can’t talk because of the stroke. He is sick. He hasn’t had any public appearances. He is running a Joe Biden campaign. How can he be up in the polls?

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports that thousands of Western PA democrats are leaving for the Republican party. A significant number of democrats are leaving the party for the republican party ahead of the election in November. 8100 democrats have changed their party affiliation in Pittsburg alone. It seems that 38K statewide in PA have switched to the Republican party. It doesn’t make sense that Fetterman would be up in the polls. On the other side of the state, Democrats continue losing voters is the headline. These are in metropolitan areas where democrats are leaving the party for the republican party in droves. Record numbers of voters switching parties.

With all these reports and Fetterman not campaigning, how is he up in the polls? So when you leave it to the media to run your campaign with titles like John Fetterman’s Campaign Just hit Dr. OZ with a Pretty Good Style Burn. John Fetterman going big on social media vs Mehmet Ox, enrolling Snooki and Little Steven VanZant. So if you go in the basement and let the media carry your campaign you run the polls. Fetterman does not have to have a legitimate win. In PA much like GA you can run the campaign from the basement and let the media run it for you and let the people in Philly count the ballots.