Unprecedented times in america. Unfortunate times where china is telling us where we are to go. Pelosi going to Taiwan and having anyone dictate us where to go. Pelosi wanted to go over to Taiwan to look at their semiconductor operation.

Our white house seems like a real absolute that we will be going to Taiwan.

School is starting this week.

Biden went on last night and talked about the drone strike in Afghanistan. The different people that Pelosi is going to see. China is backing Russia in the war in Ukraine making sure they are leveling the country. The Russians have in turn backed China on their invasion of Taiwan. China has made very clear instructions for Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China is resolute with the statement that there will be countermeasures in the wake of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The white house is admate about Pelosi’s plan to go to Taiwan and we don’t take directions from other countries especially China. The USS Ronald Reagan is sitting off the shore of China. The Chinese are trying to cripple Taiwan and not allow anyone to be allies to Taiwan. All this during the time where world leaders are looking at President Biden. That is when the decision came out about the drone strike on Al Qaeda leader.While the drone strike was a win, it is about the only thing that has happened under his watch that can be claimed a win.

As the border is deemed a political issue and not a national security issue. There are so many people from so many countries that are not being tested.

There are a number of democrats out that are doing all they can to keep democrats in office but they don’t want Biden out on the campaign trail. Manchin won’t talk about whether or not he will vote for the President. Manchin claimed that the Inflation Reduction Act is only closing loopholes and not raising taxes. All eyes are on Sinema will she jump on board with Manchin or will she stand firm with her previous statements.