The port of Savannah has record breaking cargo volumes. A surge of shipments from the west coast moved to the port of Savannah. Unfortunately there is a backlog of ships waiting off the shore, 30-40 ships. The US is expecting a 30% reduction in baby formula through the fall. GA port authority says they have processed 8.5 million containers, an 8% increase. Increased the storage yard by 25%.

Fox Theater is hosting Stacey Abrams and company for a political event to talk about voter integrity.

Herschel Walker was on Fox and Friends a couple of weeks ago. MSNBC reported on Walker and his characterization. Claiming that walker will do what he is told. Herschels response to the characterization was class and dignity. Herschel is not from the political world. Herschel has never been one that will do what he is told. He has made his own decisions. Herschel Walker is one of GAs own and native sons.

Janelle King will be on the program with BKP on Thursday.

Herschel’s response to the MSNBC video was emotional. ESPN reporter that is doing the report on Herschel Walker.

The Reagan Diaries everything had to go through national security. And only 2 days are missing from when he got shot and in the hospital.. Only 5 presidents kept a diary. The media is doing everything they can to attract independents. They need to reference Biden in a way that will get independents. Reagan was one of the only presidents to get the independent vote.