The horrible devastation with the floods in KY. The daily total keeps rising with 30 confirmed deaths and lots more still missing with more rain expected over the next few days. The people of eastern KY need our prayers.

You would think that the democrats would compare Biden to a democrat president. Why Reagan? The democrats continue to compare Biden to President Reagan. Claiming that they are playing the long game and the plan is finally coming into play. Bottom up middle out economy instead of top down. We all loved and adored President Reagan and the only thing that Biden has in common with Reagan is that you have both been in the Oval Office and sat in that seat.

We are in a world where he is a she and a cat can be a dog. Words are being redefined in front of our eyes, so maybe in their world Biden could be a Reagan. Reagan was quick on his feet, no one can say that Biden was quick on his feet. As many Americans are wondering if Biden is in the videos that are coming out. And does he really have COVID, or is it a ploy to keep him away from the public and control where he goes and who he sees.

There is a story behind Manchin agreeing to the Inflation Reduction Act. He had his hand on the people and there was an understanding of the people that he represents. There is no adoration or loyalty to Biden for Manchin to agree to the reconciliation bill. Whatever the story behind the switch has to be deep and personal that can be used as leverage. While Sinema continues to stay quiet.