Manchin-Schumer spending deal to get a vote this week. They are in rapid speed to minimize damage to get gas prices down a little bit, get groceries on the shelves. Biden will get notogican skills.

BKP predicts before election Griner will come home before election day. 957 aug 2. It will help complete the independent voter.

Axios did a story that they are trying to look like Reagan. Joe Manchin is the guy that independents can trust.

June in the 9th district says that Biden’s isn’t that bad.

Biden to break campaign vow with inflation reduction act. Taxes rise $16.7 billion by 2023 on earnings less than $200K.

Schumer will have a groundbreaking bill in the Inflation Reduction Act. Manchin has yet to meet with Sinema, the democrat Dilemma. It is hard to believe that Sinema hasn’t been considered, wasn’t in the meetings, and wasn’t part of the deal.