The excitement is in the air. Trump definitely has the majority support in the republican party. If we have another chance in GA, BKP will come in front and expose all the never-Trumpers. BKPs hope was that Trump would have gotten better information than he did. BKP will never let GA go down in flames with the overrun of the Never Trumpers.

The Big Lie is naming the Green New deal, Inflation Reduction Act.

The democrat fear is the taking down of the deep state and Trump plans to do that.

Joe Manchin and the Big Lie, calling this bill the Inflation Reduction Act. Krysten Sinema is trying to weigh her options. When Joe Manchin went on all the networks this Sunday saying that this act won’t increase taxes. They went behind closed doors with Schumer and what they knew they would put so much pressure on her and the democrat party and daring her to make a move. She moves one way republicans cheer and moves the other way the democrats do the liz Chaney on Sinema. If she votes for it all hell breaks loose in AZ and she is done. If you look at the Manchin family tree a Manchin will never switch to Republican. But what if Sinema switches to the Republican party? Sinema has said that she will not support a tax increase. The discussion that Manchin had with Sinema on the floor lasted at most 10 minutes.The vote against could end her career as a democrat.

Yesterday MAGA rejected the establishment in AZ.

Donald Trump let the people of MO speak for themselves and endorsed Eric, between Eric Schmitt and Eric Greitens.

Peter Meijer was the incumbent and was ousted by John Gibbs. Peter voted to impeach Trump. John is Trump endorsed.

Tudor Dixon got 40% of the vote and is Trump endorsed. She will be running against Whitmer.

MAGA wins in MI and AZ big time last night.

In KS voters keep their access to abortion. Republicans running on a rapist bill of rights was reported on MSNBC this morning.

Pelosi wears a face diaper, so when Nancy travels they have to pack 2 kinds of diapers, wondering who carries the diaper bag.