Herschel Walker has agreed to a debate in October with Warnock.

Cherokee Co attempted to go to the board of elections to vote to ask their county atty to write an order to take to the court to audit their ballots in the May primary. The atty was prepared to give all the excuses to the board to stop the operation. Cherokee was never going to happen based on certain people moving something forward.

If a board of elections, not an individual, has standing. Elections are run and executed at the county level. The county has a charter and they give powers to a board of elections or a probate judge. You have heard about standing and the board of elections or a probate judge has the standing. There has not been one court order from a board of elections or a probate judge to ask to do a recount or an audit. If the judge lets a probate judge or a board of elections, that will crack the coveted holy ballots.

On July 19th the Pickens Co Board of Elections voted to have the court order written for the unsealing of the ballots to do an audit. At the July meeting the Christopher Mora, the Pickens County GOP chair and voter in Pickens County, lawsuit was already in the works to unseal the ballots for an audit of the ballots. All 3 judges in Pickens county recused themselves from the suit. It has gone to a Cobb County judge and the court case will be heard on September 19.

Mike Carver reads a statement about auditing the primary before the motion. During the statement he says that “We have the authority” as the board to open the ballots. In the June Meeting they did the investigation of what they could do and how they go about it and what would be involved. As Mike Carver told you they had discussions with the county atty and possibly the secretary of state’s office. They didn’t make the motion in June they needed the investigation on how to go about it so on July 19th they made the motion to unseal the ballots.There isn’t any mention at the July meeting about any objections for moving forward.

The motion was to have legal counsel to write the court order. They already know that the Christopher Mora suit is already in motion. And the Phil Landrum, the county atty could have made a comment at the time of the vote that the case that Christopher Mora has in place is against the county to unseal the ballots and he is representing the county in this suit and how could the atty represent the county to open the ballots and then in turn write the court order for this board to open the ballots.

In the August 2 meeting, the board said that the Mora case had to be completed before they could assess the need to move forward. Now when the board makes a motion, and nothing is done with the motion, shouldn’t the board make a motion to put the July 19th order on hold or dismiss and rescind it. They have a live motion that hasn’t been fulfilled and will assess it in the future. It is a real confusing statement that prevents them from moving forward.

Phil Landrum is correct that he represents the county and will be representing the county in the Mora case and will probably file for a motion of dismissal or maybe that Mora may not have standing. Now he wouldn’t be able to do that and then have the board of elections order him to write the court order. Maybe when they made the order on July 19th he should have stood up and told the board that he would have to recuse himself from the order due to conflict. On July 19th, why was this allowed to move on.