We have such a compromised president in the oval office. When have we had someone that was more compromised than Joe Biden? What is the deal with China all about? If China started talking, what would we hear? Did Joe Biden’s administration leak the information about Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. This president wants to bow to China because of the “Big Guy” dealings. The leak was done to compel Nancy from not going to Taiwan. The consensus is that Nancy Pelosi was right to go and we had to go. As we have more and more lack of information that comes out of the administration makes you wonder what is being hidden.

China is buying up farmland in the US. when you look to see where China has their claws. Our ports in California in New England. The management companies in these ports are Chinese operators. Are they bad characters or good businessmen? They want to control our supplies. They want to dictate and be able to use and control us with shut downs to use as leverage. Trump imposed tariffs to move manufacturing back to the United States to eliminate the reliance on other countries, especially China.

If we could use the funds and resources that have been used in the January 6 hearings to investigate the Hunter Biden scandal. To find out if China has gotten a bigger piece of this country that the American people know with their dealings with Hunter and Joe Biden.

There are thousands of Americans that are going through complete devastation and heartbreak. These small communities where whole families were wiped out. Samaritans purse is delivering needed supplies to the KY flood survivors. The building that will need to be done after the floods recede and the fires disperse in California. And building supplies are 20 weeks out, how is this going to affect the people who are trying to rebuild after the devastation. Many of the people will have nowhere to go.