Marty and Brian Kemp have launched a stateside campaign for more foster parents. They will be trying to recruit more foster parents.

The Governor announced yesterday that he intends to extend the gas tax forgiveness until mid September. It is to help Georgians at the gas pump. Many red states have joined in to forgive the state gas tax.

The Currahee Military Weekend is the first weekend in October from Thursday to Sunday. The festival Ceremony celebrating those who have served in the military, a swing dance, a parade, military reenactment is all a part of the celebration.

Pelosi to her credit has a bigger set than most men in Washington DC. the reality this morning is that you don’t release your schedule. Why she played such a PR and laid it out in advance and the new cycles when she was leaving and when she landed. Releasing her schedule just irritated the situation.

Their heads are exploding just because Trump had a trifecta last night and had another MI win last night.