Love of our Country, recording the kids doing the pledge at school.

Part of the new voting law in GA. Lori breaks down what it means in the real world. A voting machine for every 250 active voters. Stephens county has 9 voting machines. They have scanners and the diagnostic device (LNA) for the machines. According to the new law, Stephens county should have over 60 machines. The problem with that is that how to store the machines, the electrical upgrades alone is not a cheap endeavor, you need to do the LNA test on each machine prior to election, checking the scanners. The state of GA has done all they can to make the election transparent. So what they need from the public is workers and poll watchers. If you are interested in being an informed, engaged patriot, reach out to your registrar’s office. If your area has too many republican representatives consider going to another county to observe their process. We must work together to validate the integrity of the vote.

China tried to bully the United States of America, as Nancy Pelosi goes to Taiwan. Highest ranking official since Newt Gingrich in 1997. There are reports that someone in the Biden administration leaked the plans for Pelosi’s visit to China. China was doing live missile launches as Pelosi was arriving in Taiwan. Pelosi went to Taiwan to get into trade negotiations for the semiconductors they produce. China doesn’t want any recognition of Taiwan to encourage their independence.

Pelosi’s husband was arrested for DUI several months ago. His court date is today. Did Nancy decide to go to Taiwan to avoid the press over Paul’s court case?

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has shown more American resolve and strength than anyone in this administration. We have to stand up in the face of dictatorship and bullying.