Krysten Sinema is waiting on the vote for the big lie. The bill up there said that trader Joe went behind closed doors with Chuck Schumer to agree on the Inflation Reduction Act and left Sinema out of the deal. Sinema is waiting to read the tea leaves from the Arizona primary election last night. Sinema presided over the Senate floor on Tuesday and there was a shot of Manchin running up to talk to Sinema behind the desk.

Gop extremists dominate Arizona primaries. Election deniers dominate.

Last night bkp went to the Pickens county Board of Election meeting. There is a lot of tension swirling around the May 24 primary election in Pickens County. A full report is coming at 9 oclock hour.

Today at noon BKP will be speaking at the Liberty Group Tea Party meeting to share a few stories. He will be speaking about Saving America because America is worth saving. The events of the week tend to have a bearing on what he is speaking about, maybe about the schools and saving the Senate.

Their heads are exploding because of the AZ elections and Trump having the trifecta. How do you go and run the tables in AZ and in MI and across the country. And completely blow GA of all states. Mr. Trump had very bad information in GA. His information in AZ is superb and they are good candidates. David Perdue was a bad candidate. Trump has Herschel Walker who would have won regardless of Trump’s endorsement. Burt Jones has the money to run his campaign and able to fund his own campaign but barely made it past Butch Miller. Trump has a couple of flamethrowers in GA that are absolutely terrible.

Kari Lake may be the next Governor of Arizona. Ducey and Pence endorsed Taylor Robson, the same group that endorsed Briian Kemp in GA. They tried to get democrats and independents as hard as they could to keep Kari Lake out in AZ. More efforts were put out against Lake in AZ than they did in GA.

Across the state many people said “But our candidate is David Perdue”. People in AZ never said “but our candidate is Kari Lake”

How is the Jan 6 committee being received in AZ. Rusty Bowers got it handed to him last night booted out. You better pay attention to AZ.

Blake Master, Trump endorsed for Senate. He pulls in 39% of the vote. He is running now against Kelly the democrat. It is possible that AZ gets another republican Senator.

Mark Finchem the Trumped back conspiracy theorists for Secretary of State of AZ, headline says Capitol Rioter who compared “cancel Culture” to the Holocaust one step closer to running Arizon’s election. It is predicted that he will be the next Secretary of State in AZ. We were told that everyone wants to look past the 2020 election. We have been sold a bill of goods from the establishment. If we don’t get past this only the candidates who will win are those who are rational about the election. The future of this country is very narrow if we don’t solve the fraud and our time is limited if we move on. What hope we have of a true republic for which it stands will be short lived if we don’t solve the fraud and put an end to it.

We were told in GA if we talk about it voters will reject it. Maybe voters in GA are different than in AZ but if you have candidates for governor and SOS in AZ that they will end mail in ballots and will put in a resolution to decertify the 2020 elections. Remember that at 10pm at night that fox news called the Arizona election with only 10K votes separated Trump and Biden.