BKP will be at Fannin Co GOP on August 15th at 6pm. On September 10th BKP will MC the event at Roccos for the Conservatives of Big Canoe.

BKP and Janelle talk about
Black conservatives have been public enemy number 1 to the black liberals.

The democrat spew insults

No need to respond to the insults but need to focus on the problems that the black communities and other minorities are

If you are trying to win minority voters. They need to message Walker around his core values and not around Fox News. Highlight his shortcomings. They need to authenticate Herschel and show the superficial Warnock. Herschel Walker needs to go on the campaign “I’m Just Herschel and I’m here for Georgia”

In the debate, Walker needs to get to know the issues and have the solutions for the issues. And highlight how the democrat policies hurt the minorities and low income communities. And force Warnock to discuss his solutions.

The concern is all the people from around the country that have been rushing into the Walker team and they don’t know GA. It is not until you are standing in the county do you really get to know the people of GA. Let’s bring in a marketing team that is not political that can bring in emotion and the issues. The commercials need to get creative.

In politics both sides bring in the best things on the other side of the summer.

Janelle and BKP discuss the upcoming races in GA and the predicted outcomes.

Kelvin and Janelle started Speak Georgia, a non-profit, a few years ago. Speak Georgia is an interactive town hall to bring the subject matter experts to the voters of GA. The events will start in the fall. Kelvin’s senate page is her public figure page. He wants to continue to stay engaged.