Joe Biden’s approval rating is at 36%. He is a disaster.

They want a quick passage of an electoral count reform act. If there was nothing that Mike Pence would have done on Jan 6 constitutional. Was John Eastman that far off. What does it say to the jan 6 committee if they have to put some patches in place so it doesn’t happen again.

Name it the inflation reduction act and just move on. When you hear that they named it Inflation Reduction Act don’t you just laugh out loud. Is the spending of 700 Billion with tax increases just ironic.

Joe signed an executive order, we are not suppose to allow taxpayers pay for abortions. The hyde amendment is set up so that tax payers don’t pay for abortions. The government isn’t supposed to pay for abortions. The government sends planned parenthood to pay the electric bill that is the reason it was trying to get defunded. Now the tax payers are paying for travel through medicaid for the abortions. The question was to ask how does it not defy the Hyde amendment? The response was that it is the law and the white house doesn’t obstruct the law.

Americans in the real world are changing their habits to reduce the amount of gas they are consuming. The Saudis are not pumping any more oil. The price of a barrel is down 4% and the demand is down. They will look at the camera and just lie. We heard the president say that the oil increase is because of Putin’s price hike yet the war is still raging and the prices are coming down.