BKP gets upset with identity politics. He spoke to the Liberty Tea Party group yesterday. There were about 45 people in the room. BKP challenged the attendees when watching the media try to figure out what they are trying to get you to believe.

Right now what we are seeing is summer time polls and the political focus is not there. So when you see the poll remember that people are tuned out and not paying attention.

The manipulation of the deep state Corporate corrupt media is the greatest present danger in America right now. And they carry a very evil message and everything they do is trying to get you to believe something.

Congresswoman Walorski from Indiana and the horrific accident that happened yesterday. BKP shares his thoughts and prayers for the families.

Taking down the deep state is the topic today.

CBO says manchin-schumer climate and spending bill grows deficit for first five years.

The American people are supposed to believe that Zawahiri has been playing hide and seek with the CIA for 21 years. And the Taliban claims that we violated a sovereign nation of Afghanistan. We left an enormous arsonal of airports, planes, tanks, helicopters, roads, schools, weapons, and the list goes on. We left roads to the mines for China to mine the minerals for the EV batteries that we are going to need. On the week we left the suicide bomber kills 13 soldiers and in 2 days time our CIA was able to find the van that “ISIS K was in the van. But it turns out that it was incorrect information. Yet it took 2 days to find the van and it took 21 years to find Zawahiri.We find this guy on a deck lounging. The missiles are sent and shreds him and now the deep state can report to you that no kids and no innocent bystanders were harmed in this strike. Now the Taliban say that they are a sovereign nation and we had no right to come in and kill a terrorist.

BKP agrees with MSNBC that the Lake/Robson race is Too close to call with 82%, but wants to add that they still have time to alter the outcome. BKP believes that Kari Lake won the election. Kari Lake held a press conference yesterday claiming she was the winner when there are still enough votes out there to change the outcome of the election. Her response to the media on why she is claiming the victory. Her response was, “Why would I share that with you when you deny anything happened in the 2020 election.”