When Americans were polled a couple of weeks ago. The primary concern was the economy and how they are going to take care of their families during the inflationary rates and the supplies being delayed for many of the necessities needed. The second concern was crime. When you see the uptick of firearm sales are in blue states. Independents and democrats are buying firearms because they are in the areas where the crime has increased.

Criminals are wreaking havoc in the streets of the liberal cities. Mayor Adams of New York continues the focus for the danger on the streets. The mayor and governor of New York are blaming the judges for allowing the criminals to roam the streets. If Mayor Adams is upset he has his own party to blame, with the liberals pushing Defund the Police rhetoric.

A great event is happening this weekend in Habersham County. The Easton Foundation was founded after the loss of a beloved teen in a car accident in 2012. The Easton Foundation announces the 9th Battle of the Heroes Game is the flag football game at Habersham Central High School’s Raider Stadium at 7pm. “Coach Joe” Joseph York is named Grand Marshal for the event. Coach Joe is entering his 19th year as assistant coach with Habersham Central High school football team.