A head-on collision resulting in the death of Indiana Rep. Jackie Waloriski, two of her staffers and a fourth person were killed in the vehicle that was struck. In the vehicle with Waloriski was Emma Thomson, communications director and Zachery Potts, the district director. Our thoughts and prayers with everyone who lost their life in the crash and their friends and family.

White House press secretary called the overturn of Roe v Wade an unconstitutional action. She then said that abortion was a right that women had for 50 years.

Australian news in depth report on the lack of competence of the Biden administration. Pointing out the lack of leadership within the administration. And then pointing out that Harris had one job and failed miserably at the border.

The people don’t trust the federal government and it spills down to the local level. They really don’t care what they have to say. It is all based on the actions of the leader.

Why have we not heard from the President about the pride in Pelosi’s Taiwan trip for her sticking to her guns against the threats of China. There are crickets from the administration. Other world leaders are noticing that Biden didn’t come out and remind China who we are as Aericans and take the lap around the victory circle. And touting the ability to work with any country for the needs of Americans. And here are our priorities and no country is going to tell us what to do or how to do it.

How much money did President Biden receive from his son Hunter’s dealing from Russia and China? If it is not true then what poor leadership from the Biden administration.