Fellow Election Deniers. If we ask one question we are labeled an election denier. This morning we will clarify and plan a path forward. No matter how you feel this morning, you’re not in a Russian prison like Brittney Griner.

Joe Biden’s big wins, the inflation reduction act, the chips act, the pact act, bipartisan gun law, killed al-qaeda leader, gas prices plummeting, huge job numbers and low unemployment, not to mention the first openingly gay department of transportation secretary, first transgender admiral as asst. HHS secretary, first black woman in the supreme Court Justice. Biden has to go out with the wins. Last week Biden was getting bashed and democrats didn’t think he should run again, this week it is time to rethink everything about the 2022 midterms and Biden’s win.

A week in politics can be an eternity. It was just 2 week ago they were doing stories on Hunter Biden. If you don’t burn Joe down you can’t bring him up from the ashes. To them Jee looks like a genius. The adjectives used this weekend: Stellar Jobs Reports, Stunning Legacy. Joe isn’t going in disgrace, he will go Lyndon B Johnson style. When you know Joe can go, when his legacy is complete.

A 47 year career politician has never made a correct forigen policy decision, that has never done anything but taken the American people’s money, radical racist senator, put’em in jail Joe. They have checked off a lot of boxes in the past 2 weeks. The gun legislation, the chips act, build back better, killing a terrorist.

Prepare yourself for gas prices coming. It is quite a Wikipedia page for Joe. We are happy people are feeling relief at the pump, but we know why we are feeling the relief at the pump. They have set up how great everything is. Joe has to go out on top. So polling will go up, gas is down, they will make abortion an issue with the win in KS, Warnock has been talking about capping insulin prices.

The election will be finished before you realize that everything they are telling you is a lie. They will tell you that Republicans got in the way. They saved the planet, they cut costs for seniors, they went after the big corporations, they cut drug prices for seniors, republicans stood in the way for capping the prices on insulin, Joe’s polling will be up, gas prices will be down, and Joe leaves on a high note.