Let’s not over react. Let’s relax. We have to regroup and see where we are at and gather some facts and get ready in November. Welcome to David Iverson from Wyoming, the largest podcast in Wyoming, Cowboy State Politics.

Historically the Chaneys have been very active in Wyoming State politics. She won based on her name. Since Jan 6 and since her vote to impeach Trump was the start of her decline. There were many parties across the state that censured her.
There is one statewide paper, liberal paper, in the state of Wyoming and in the poll LIz Chaney was 22 points down.

Hageman is running against Chaney. It is predicted that Hagemen will win but there is fear of the democrat crossover. There is an overwhelming prediction for a Harriet Hagemen win on Tuesday.

Wyoming has a closed primary but the voter can change their voter registration before voting then change it back when finished voting.

Wyoming had the most voter percentage for Trump. Liz knows all along that it is the end of her political career in Wyoming. Liz is using the congressional stage for the national stage. It is not in the cards for her to win the primary. On the radio ad of Dick Chaney for Liz there was never a mention of Wyoming. She will run for president or the Virginia Senate. Liz grew up in Virginia and that is where she lives. She wants to be a power broker in DC. And with her being Trump’s loudest opponent, she has her eyes on a bigger picture.

During the Bush administration, the media painted Dick Chaney as Darth Vader and the citizens of Wyoming were defending Chaney. Now they understand what was being said about Dick Chaney. The new TV ad for Liz continues to paint Chaney as Darth Vader.

The counties and eventually the state republican party censured Liz Chaney after the Trump impeachment vote. In Wyoming there are people that run as a republican to get elected but then have a liberal agenda when in office. While Wyoming people are very conservative, the Wyoming legislature is purple at best. In the 2022 election the Wyoming state legislature had a good chance for the conservatives to take the house. There are a lot of voter education campaigns going on in each small community. Conservatives have a good chance to take over.

With a constitutional Supreme Court with issues like Roe v Wade it is important for your state house and state senate is very important. For example the red flag gun laws, the inflation reduction act, the State of Wyoming doesn’t have much impact on the federal government. The state legislatures are where the focus needs to be. The laws will come down to each individual state. The local representation is what affects your life directly.

When the government continues to lie and the Biden administration has drastically reduced the amount of lands that can be drilled and increased the regulation on gas and coal. The direct result is at the gas pump and on the electric bills. The result is the regulation on natural resources. In Agriculture, the fertilizer has been increased and the regulation on the agricultural producers has affected everyone across the country. Wyomians are everyday Americans and when the food and gas prices doubling and tripling since this administration has taken office it is directly affecting your life. The only way to get a handle on it is to elect conservative representatives to office.

David’s predictions: Joe Biden will finish his first term because no one wants Kamala Harris. Joe Biden will not run again. The democrat front runner is Liz Chaney. Liz Chaney has not addressed the Wyoming republicans in 565 days.
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