Christopher Mora has a lawsuit to hand audit the May 24 Primary Election. The party meeting was packed, maybe 60 people. People want answers. If you go to rural America meetings and you look what has happened America is in tune. Is something amiss with the 87,000 new IRS agents?

Today, we are going to talk about what they are trying to get you to believe, and what we have to do.

Many people are angry, passionate and upset. It’s understandable. And it’s time to question things that are going on in the government and like why the IRS needs 700K in ammunition.

Trumped backed GOP nominees for governor are winning across the nation. Tim Michaels in Wisconsin, Kari Lake in Arizona, Tudor Dixon in Michigan, Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania, Darren Bailey in Illinois, Dan Cox in Maryland have all won their primaries in recent weeks. Dan Cox went up against Larry Hogan the current Republican Governor of Maryland, says he is a Republican but doesn’t sound like one or acts like one. This is the tip of the Trump Grand Scheme, get the House, get the Senate, and get the Trump backed Governors.

Welcome to the Election Deniers, glad you have joined us. We currently have six governors that will now stand up and investigate election fraud on the ballot in November. And, you wonder why they raided Mar-a-Lago?

Last night, BKP went down to the Pickens County GOP and Congressman Barry Loudermilk, 11th District of GA, was there.

Because of Congressman Loudermilk committee assignments and the way the Jan 6 committee has gone after him, he would know some things about the current situation. We are trying to unpack the things that have taken place. BKP suggests everyone go listen to the full 18 minutes is on the Voice of Rural America Facebook page. The Jan 6 select committee’s prints are all over this raid in Mar-a-Largo. They have no evidence. They have to have the piece of evidence to criminally charge Trump. They don’t have the smoking gun. The DOJ is working with the Jan6 select committee and if you think Joe Biden didn’t know about this.

Now it’s convenient to say and they say over and over and you think the Biden administration didn’t know it was going down and the West Wing wasn’t notified. This was the former President of the United States. The FBI went through the living quarters, through the estate and through Melania’s personal belongings. And, Biden didn’t know, in what world do we live in?

When there is an ongoing investigation, normally no one is talking about it.

This is not a normal investigation because this is a Former President of the United States. The American people don’t want to hear its an ongoing investigation. The American people want the truth. The 87,000 IRS agents were wiped off the front page, instantly once the FBI showed up in Mar-a-Lago.

The media started putting together their rationalization of the Raid. The media is saying, “They have tried calling several times for the boxes and there might be something that will jeopardize our national security”, while there is a laptop with evidence of the corrupt Biden Family. According to the Deep State Media, Trump has been compromised by a foreign government before the 2016 election. But what if, they planted evidence yesterday.