They want to tell you that this took months. You have to go and show solid probable cause. Our media is in the crapper. In the west Wing in Trump’s personal toilet, there was a picture of torn pieces of paper.

The federal Magistrate that signed off on the Mar-a-Lago raid is linked to Jeffery Epstein and is an Obama donor, Bruce Reinhart.

Joe was busy in Kentucky and signing documents. And he didn’t know the raid was going on.

Two days before the raid pictures of pieces of paper in a toilet emerge. Supposedly Trump tried to flush the torn papers down the toilet and wouldn’t flush and they lay perfectly in crystal clear water, no backwash and the ink didn’t run by sitting in the water. This was a top story Monday. They want to lead you to believe that Trump wanted to get rid of documents so they don’t know what is in Mar-a-Lago. Trump has been gone for 2 years. So who is the weird kid that is in charge of going in after the President to check the toilet and then hold it for 2 years and keep it until 2 days before we go to get the documents in a raid. We will let you know when to release the pictures.

They want to get rid of Doug Mastriano. His interview on Jan 6 lasted 15 minutes. He didn’t answer any questions. Mastriano is running for Gov in PA. he is trying to get rid of the democrat and put PA back in the column for Trump, legally. He says when he goes in and tells them to record the entire thing and play in the entirety or wait until after the election to release his testimony. They didn’t agree to either one.