We want to hear from Merrick Garland, the United States Attorney General. He has to remain silent or he could jeopardize the whole investigation. What investigation? The Hunter Biden laptop that you can’t get to because you’re too busy trying to get to Melania’s closet and look around.

Remember when we were kids and our media would tell us communism, socialism and the lack of freedom in Russia and how they suppressed their people and went after their people. If you went against your government in Russia and what would happen. And we have watched documentaries on the Russian government. What if the Russian form of government had passed a law that Putin signed and enforced that called for 87K new KGB agents that would come around and ask if your financial documents were in order. What would those news reports be like in America?

You can cross the southern border and you can get into our system and take advantage of everything we have to overcome. And we have politicians that are fighting for you to get rights so you can vote, but if your financial documents aren’t in order the IRS can come after you. They have the BIG Calculators. After they add on the fees, what was 1500 is 35000, we can take everything you have and life goes on.

FBI Agents seized Scott Perry’s phone yesterday. The Jan 6 committee has subpoenaed Perry but he has refused to reply.
And you say you are not going to go vote?