The media is very quiet. They are very cautious about the Biden administration announcing zero inflation. They went nuts yesterday about inflation coming down but they spin the lower inflation on fox news to leave the subliminal message that things are getting better. CNN is trying to turn the ship around on inflation.

Energy prices in Europe are a disaster. They are promoting that they want to calm it all down. But you know and aren’t waiting for the government to tell you. And you know what it is costing in the grocery store and what you’re paying at the pump. And that is not ok with you.

Remember when states had tax free weekends for back to school for supplies and clothing. They don’t do tax free holidays anymore. It was before COVID. We aren’t waiting for the reports from the government. How many people out there are paying the minimum on the credit card when you use to pay off the card?

How many are applied for a mortgage and when you go to the closing the interest rate is raised so much that it takes you out of owning the home. YOu and I know the realities.

You have to talk to people and don’t get into people’s personal business and don’t get into their political views. But talk to people at the gas pump. Say hello. Americans are talking to each other. Say by the time you pay for gas, and pay your employees I don’t know how you do it. But I don’t know what you will do once those 87K IRS agents come after you, the small business owner. The bottom line is the hairdresser, the small business owner in the house, lawn care, painter, and the billionaires have attorneys. They get the IRS letter in the mail. It goes to the 14th floor and they have a whole floor of attorneys and accountants that deal with this all the time but the small business owner is done. Unless you’re a billionaire you don’t have the money to fight the irs. And when the collapse all the small businesses that are in the way of all of the corporations. The reason they go after small businesses is because we don’t comply. When they get rid of all of us we can turn around and comply and get government jobs. Tell them you are going to vote in November.