The drunk Pelosi’s have raised a criminal son. Paul Pelosi is trying to get out of a DUI and Nancy is in Taiwan with Paul Jr right with her. Right in your face, they flaunt it and don’t care. Then Joe and Hunter get on Air Force One to go on a week-long vacation at the beach.

Pelosi defends her Taiwan trip as a way to show the strong relationship built on status quo despite Beijing’s fury and insists her son did not conduct any business’ when he joined her. Nancy’s son attended high profile meetings in Taiwan. Paul Jr is at the table.

Dozens of Whole Foods stores will soon let you pay with just a scan of your palm. You go into the stores and register your palm. And you don’t have to worry about your wallet.

Eric Trump told the Daily Mail what really happened in the raid. Kicked the lawyer off the property and went through the clothes and didn’t turn over the warrant. They had the entrance blocked to the complex. There is an informant inside the Trump home that tipped off the FBI.

One day after the raid Scott Perry’s phone is seized. Then the FBI delivers subpoenas to lawmakers as part of the probe into his scheme to install alternate Trump electors.

They can’t find Rosita. She gets canceled after black family launches a $25m lawsuit.