What a dangerous world. Every morning wondering if it is real. There’s no way it is happening that Biden and family , including Hunter, get on Air Force One to go on vacation for a week. No way Nancy Pelosi takes her corrupt son to Taiwan, No way the FBI seizes a sitting congressman’s cell phone. No way does the FBI raid the former President of the United States because of some documents. How many wake up and say no way. And in no way is the corporate corrupt media is turning the Titanic and one minute they are running for the lifeboat. Then they brag about the string of spending bills to turn around the Titanic and call them wins. No way is it real…

If you want to talk about Civil War, it has to be November at the Ballot box and it’s working. Seeing everything out of control, the recourse we have is to take back the House and take back the Senate to stop this mess. If you have a flag flying on your F150 and you don’t stop and vote in November then just go on and keep flying those flags.

Pelosi is a drunk and so is her husband. The Son is a crook. Hunter is a strung out on coke. Trump’s kids are working and successful. And they are trying to get the boxes from Mar-a-Lago. Eastman being shook down coming out of a restaurant. Stone being arrested before daylight. The attorney marched out in the front yard in PJ. Hillary Clinton making milk and cookies with the FBI. They are pedophiles and Bill Clinton in a dress. But every single thing if you don’t go in November and cast a vote in December we will still be saying that Nancy Pelosi is a criminal. Joe Biden is a criminal. And they will still be in charge.

The stadium at capacity of 86112 is not big enough to hold the 87000 new IRS agents coming after you. But don’t fall into what they want you to do or how they want you to feel.

They have the nerve in front of the American people to put Hunter Biden on Air Force One. Are they discussing the exit plan? And how the raid is now taking the media off Hunter and Biden will be able to slip out and be allowed to drive his little red corvette around the block.
Paul Pelosi pleads not guilty to DUI. The whole family is criminals. They talk about Putin poisoning a political opponent. Has anyone looked around our House. Pauli can’t go on the trip to Taiwan and Nancy brings her crooked son.

We don’t know what they put in those boxes as the attorney was forced to stand at the end of the driveway as they went through the house. But there was an informant. And we don’t know what they put in those boxes.