History Lesson: happened in 1942. What is the big thing regarding communication? There has been so much about 5G. The whole concept of wifi and the technology to exist began on this day in 1942 when a patent was issued for frequency hopping spread system communication device by Hedy Lamarr and composer named George Antheil.

Question 1: 55 year old patient has missed check ups due to covid since 2019. Her mammogram showed a lump as big as a plum and was biopsied to show high grade breast cancer. During a pretreatment CT scan a mass adjacent to the kidney was found and diagnosed with high grade kidney cancer. What can be done? Triple Negative Breast Cancer with immunotherapy has just hit the news in the last few weeks. We are going to talk about immunotherapy. Adding the immunotherapy drug will change the results of the cancer. Patient didn’t have any high risk things to cause kidney cancer. No test to detect kidney cancer except a full body scan and insurance won’t pay for it, but if she was going to her doctor on a regular basis with a urine test it may have been detected. Two drugs are standard immunotherapy drugs for treatment for kidney cancer will work together to increase the response.
Clinical trials are important to advance medicine.

Question 2: Patient had pain in the abdomen. The CT scan showed his spleen was large. The spleen was removed and had diffuse B cell lymphoma in it. Oncologist and PCP prescribed RCHOP for 3 months, Dr. Whaley has always suggested 6 doses. Dr. Whaley discussed why 3 doses will be given.

Medical headlines this week: A Single Test Can Detect 50 Cancers, But Isn’t Ready For Primetime.