What if Trump knew all this time that the 12 boxes would sooner or later come and get them. Because my fundraising would go through the roof. Trump is smart enough to know that the administration will make fools of themselves. You can’t get a subpoena on something that isn’t a crime. Trump is playing chess and everyone else is playing giveaway checkers. This law for presidential records is a spin off from Nixon. As a president of the United States has the authority to declassify records. They want you to believe that Trump moved those documents and everything was inventoried and packed by the White House and shipped down to Mar-a-Lago. Instead of getting a federal judge to sign it they get a magistrate judge to sign it and recuse himself from the Clinton Trump lawsuit because he was biased against trump and then turns around and signs this warrant.

The machine in Washington has control of this country and we need to elect people that are not politicians that can go in there and clean up the government.

The Inflation Reduction Act has made it from the Senate to the House today. We have a wide open border and we are adding 87K. The republicans added an amendment to add border patrol and it was turned down. They will have lots of people that will come after the cash businesses. Reducing the drugs will not even start until 2026.

Do we now have a new first son? When our elite travel abroad they have a spouse escort but Nancy Pelosi takes her son who had 700K shares of a Chinese telecom company to sit on their board. Pauli Jr wasn’t listed on any manifest and none of the US pictures have him in it but all the foreign pictures have him.

What’s going on with the Ukraine war but what is not off the front pages is that Europe prices for energy is up 70% and is coming to our shores.

Trump cleans the table in AZ, won in WI, MI, CT, WI, what happened in GA? The low country boil of WI Kleefisch had all the RINO endorsements with Pence.

Winners and Losers