What are they trying to get you to believe? They have to go over all the fear and scary and national security threats. They make this sound omg how did trump get his hands on these boxes. And they will tell you that the Trump people said it was all the boxes. How did they know all of this stuff was missing? You heard there was a rat and a mole in the trump organization. So are you telling me that if you don’t have a mole in Mar-a-Lago that calls up national archives that there are all these boxes down here and you need to come take a look. And without that mole we don’t know these documents are missing. 11 classified documents, 4 documents marked top secret classified TS/SCI documents. To get the TS/SCI document access is an extensive requirement. Keep in mind the ts/sci information could only be accessed through a secure area to view, imagine the movies with the thumb scan, retina scan or a security guard. We only have one person in the Bill Clinton admin that went into the national archives that was caught stuffing documents in his pants. You can’t take a watch cell phone to view these documents and you are checked when you come out. So how did Trump get the documents? It’s been 18 months and we are talking about documents that certain people can see. Is it a fishing exercise to go after political opponents? With the security measures in place, how did these documents get to Mar-a-Lago without notice? There are people that pack the u haul. Trump didn’t pack. This information came out just 85 days before an election.

Joe hasn’t been briefed. The DOJ is completely, completely independent. It will come out later on that the Biden administration did know. But they grab Joe and get Hunter out of town so the media can’t talk to them. Karine Jean-Pierre does come out and say that the Inflation Reduction Act will be signed in September. But for the 9 minute interview she says she can’t comment on the questions asked.