America is worth Saving.

Illegal crossings soar to nearly 2M in less than a year as 2200 stream into the country in less than a day. More than 4.2 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border since Biden took office. This morning alone 500 migrants crossed illegally at Eagle pass all of them single adults. They are getting upset in DC, Mayor Bowser, saying they are overwhelmed. The biden administration isn’t building the wall to deter the border crossers, they are putting up the wall because it isn’t safe to cross.

This is what they want to take off the ballot. In Dade Co GA at a truck stop a citizen noticed a bus load of people, possibly illegals getting off at the truck stop. The sheriff was called. The sheriff found out that the bus was transporting illegal immigrants from Texas to DC. Several illegal immigrants had decided to get off the bus in Dade co. It appears that the illegals were encouraged to get off the bus at the location due to Chattanooga being within walking distance. Sheriff got the illegal immigrants back on the bus to DC. These people are getting off the buses wherever they want, we don’t know where the people are across the country. The Governor released a statement for a news article backing the decision of the Sheriff. Governor Kemp should be getting in front of the media making a statement instead he will come out regarding spending the money for rural internet, building a library, etc. We should have governors and state legislators demanding the knowledge of where the illegals are going. It sounds like the bus drivers aren’t required to get the illegals to DC just get them out of Texas. This is a national crisis. They are going into your communities to take up your housing, your schools. Where are the illegals going, in our affordable housing.