They are trying to create a smoke screen with the Mar-a-Lago raid. Election day for Liz Chaney in WY and could be the end of Liz Chaney. Also Sarah Palin is on the ballot as she tried to relaunch her political career.

The corrupt corporate media is so bad as to carry the water for the deep state. Joe has boosted the energy company as it is reporting the largest profit in history. While Biden has sent a letter to all the energy producers and scolded them talking about the amount of profits they have gotten. Yet they haven’t written a letter to the Saudi Aramco’s profits. In Trump’s year 2020 the highest was 16.7B, lowest 6.6B when they are killing our economy with COVID. In April to June of this year they have gone to 48.4 Billion. 98% of Aramco is the royal family as profits get dispersed among the shareholders.

As we went to Saudi to pump oil the Saudis sent their kids over here to go to school. For years while American oil companies were doing well in the desert and Saudi was sending their kids over here to school, now all of a sudden they don’t need Americans to produce the oil.

Tehran delivers deadline response to draft nuclear deal. They want structures in the deal that IRAN has penalty payments if the US pulls out again.