How are they going to get us all to buy an electric car. Reports show an Australian bank will end loans for new gas and diesel cards in shift to electric vehicles, that’s an interesting way to forward the great reset.

The king is sending the guard out, the FBI agents are being sent out to raid the political foes. Months ago the FBI raided the home and offices of project veritas to retrieve Biden’s daughter’s diary, not of national security importance.

They want you to believe that Trump’s polls are less than Biden’s. They want you to believe that 74% of Americans say we are on the wrong track but the top issue is that 21% say it is a threat to our democracy.

All the reports on the teacher storage, just in time for the election. Do we really have a teacher shortage but no reports of a nursing shortage? Wondering if they will get rid of student debt using the teacher shortage to do it. The teacher shortage is manufactured.

The Inflation Reduction Act has allocated $60 Billion for diversity. Nothing in the bill is an inflation reduction.