Yesterday WY had their primary election. We have long awaited for the fate of the 10th and final person that voted to impeach Donald Trump. Liz Chaney is the most highlighted battle across this country.

The takeaways on the ground in WY. There was a lot of talk about the cross over vote that was going to help get Liz Chaney across the finish line. Harriet Hageman pulled the victory for the conservatives of WY. But the story of the night was that the conservatives had a big night. There were gains in the house and in the senate. A conservative SOS was elected. Hageman wasn’t just the Trump endorsed candidate but she went up against a dynasty.

Even though WHY is a super republican state, that doesn’t mean that they are conservatives. But the conservatives have won. This is the people standing up and taking charge.

The WY SOS race was a lot like the Chaney Hageman race, an establishment republican vs the conservative. The SOS race was a big win as the second in command in the state.