All of the networks are following Rudy Giuliani testimony to the Fulton Co Grand Jury. Unfortunately Fulton Co did not put in as much effort into the 2020 election as they are doing into the Grand Jury efforts.

Fani Willis has endorsed Stacey Abrams. She called Rudi Giulani to testify and she has gone after Brian Kemp, Burt Jones, Jenna Ellis.

This is a special purpose grand jury. It evaluates the government and makes recommendations back to the government. They can recommend an indictment but they can’t issue an indictment. If the indictment is recommended then the DA has to come back with a criminal grand jury. They are using this special purpose grand jury as a criminal grand jury.

What they should be doing is the evaluation of how elections are. The district attorney is abusing the process and it is not a good way to spend taxpayer money.

Rudy Giuliani came out saying he is not discussing anything that has happened in the Grand Jury because everything that is done through a grand jury is secret. When the Grand Jury is over, there will be a report.

The outcome they are seeking but don’t think they will accomplish. They want to indict and convict someone on Trump’s team, but there isn’t anything criminal here. But you can be indicted and convicted on political issues. Everyone that has questioned the 2020 election and they are here at the special purpose Grand Jury. This is about shutting down the republican party and playing into the politics.