It’s just noise if we don’t go vote. BKP will keep uncovering the news and cut through the smoke screens.

John Fetterman is running for Senate in PA. The two most recent attacks, a member of the squad, is the number of houses Dr. Oz has or the way Dr. Oz pronounces the name of the grocery store incorrect. John Fetterman has repeatedly nodded to woke drug policy saying He is for decriminalizing across the board. The guy was hospitalized on election day for a stroke. If you like Bernie Sanders you will really like this guy.

Retail bloodbath as Target profits fall a staggering 90% in a year. While Walmart is showing positive numbers, which is the groceries. The people at Walmart knew what to do prior to covid and they took the time and modernized their system to help the shopper. They were the first and strongest to have the customer pickup. They have perfected it. Somehow Walmart knew years in advance they were going to perfect the customer pickup.

Polling. In Wisconsin, Michels is down by 2 points against the sitting governor. The media doesn’t want to talk about this. The direction of the country, 70-64-70 say wrong direction. It’s the economy stupid. Stay focused, we have the issues in America to win.