Where is Raphael Warnock? Is he out there? The guy is getting 7400 dollars a month tax free.

Sandra Deal, GA former first lady, dies at 80. No one has anything negative to say about the first lady. She did a lot for education.

Stacey Abrams sending her prayers out for Rayshard Brooks, the man that was drunk and fell asleep in the drive thru in Wendy’s

The Ogre came out yesterday. There was an ogre sighting.

We all know that the Biden administration was involved in getting the documents back from Mar-a-Lago. You would think that by the time the raid would happen in Mar-a-Lago the Trump supported candidates would have lost.

Trump backed 2 Miami-Dade republicans in Tuesday’s election for county commission, one won their primary and the other with a first place slot heading to runoff election. Trump backed 19 candidates in FL alone, all won. And they are wondering if Charlie Crist will stage any kind of challenge to Ron DeSantis. All the media has been wanting to do for months is having Trump and DeSantis go head to head. You don’t think he realizes that Trump went 19-0.

Where is Brian Kemp? 74% of Americans want to fix Crazy. Ron DeSantis backed Florida school board candidates and 25 of the 30 endorsements won last night in primary elections. The Florida school board wins are being touted as victories against woke indoctrinations. This is the message but not without Trump. Why didn’t Brian Kemp endorse school board candidates? We totally fell apart in GA. We had candidates in GA that were looking out for SEL (social emotional learning) in GA. The 1776 Project endorsed candidates in FL all winning. Miami Dade is now the largest country in America with a conservative school board majority.

If you think that one day you will go to a school and the principal will ask who is the birth parent. This is a very tough time for kids. The transitioning that is allowed to go on in schools. The parent was testifying in front of Clay county schools, DeSantis backed candidates in the county and the conservatives won the district. Who has heard of a governor endorsing school board candidates.
If you are wondering what happened in GA still after all the wins across the country. We have so many country club republicans that are after the money and fame that have fallen in behind the carpetbagger masking as Trump supporters. They are all about fame and money and F America and GA to go with it. GA leads the nation in Trump posers.