Saturday the Pickens County Tomato Sandwich Picnic. Congressman Barry Loudermilk, Congressman Andrew Clyde will be there.
On September 8, the Gordon County GOP meeting BKP will be speaking.

GA GOP chairman, David Shafer, is no longer talking to BKP when he used to contact BKP before the last GOP conventions. It was an open relationship. BKP discusses Rural America, Rural GA. David Shafer was on a program this morning, kissing country club republican ass because he is afraid he will lose the upcoming election.

This was in the making since 2010. Student Loan debt forgiveness. This is one of the many reasons in 2010, we flipped the house in big numbers. Biden announced student loan forgiveness today leaning towards wiping out $10k from Americans making less than $125K but the plan could cost up to $980B with another $3B going to Ukraine. People are not ok with this. Where is the money coming from? Are there people over at the International Monetary Fund just saying print it.

Jerry Nadler wins the primary in NY.

The colleges get the money. They aren’t afraid to give the students the money, it is guaranteed by the federal government. They will loan you the money for a degree that isn’t worth the money borrowed.

Nancy is wrong when she says that Biden doesn’t have the authority for debt forgiveness. Joe Biden does have the power to do this. If you think the department of education is only in charge of k-12, why do you think they are asking him about student loan forgiveness. The department of education is now over the university system and if you have a private college and your students have a government student loan the government has a hand in your university.

March 30, 2010 – Obama is president – Government funded healthcare, Government funded education. Feds take over student loan programs from banks. Obama signed a bill that ended a 45-yr program under which banks and other private-sector lenders received a federal subsidy for making government guaranteed college loans. In 2010 the department of education controlled all these college loans. The departments endorse rules not laws. Students have only one choice for a student loan: the government.

We have completely cut out the possibility of our children being successful. The government is taking away the opportunity for the kids to be successful.

Dr. Fauci announced retirement in hopes of avoiding accountability for his lies. He wasn’t out before he has to answer for anything.
Pelosi pleaded guilty for the DUI.
IRS says that workers are considered for their safety and is conducting a security review in response to republican criticism over the $80B in funds being used to recruit more agents.
Regular cannabis use in people’s mid-20s can cause permanent damage to brain development and legalizing the drug has wrongly presented it as harmless, drug safety experts say. Stoners are cracking up reading this, saying they knew all along that they didn’t need scientific research.
Biden’s approval rating will be going back up. Currently at 41% from 38%. His approval rating is ticking back up with all the wins.