MTG was swatted two nights in a row. It is the same person making the calls. The most disturbing thing is that someone wants to kill MTG. The threat is only fueling MTG to do what is right for our children and Americans across the country. So many members of congress are getting multiple death threats. Luckily the situation was not escalated, the officers at the scene handled professionally. The democrats tactic is to call in these reports of an active shooter in the home, called SWATTING or death by police. The person called in using a voice translator confessing to the reason for the call because of their anger for introducing legislation called Protecting Children’s Innocence Rights which will make it a felony for gender-affirming care. This bill will stop this care across the nation.

The joke on the media, on the left, and some colleagues. You can’t say that the FBI is the same law enforcement we deal with in our counties and cities. There are people that need to be defunded and organizations that need to be defunded that go after everyday Americans that speak out about the truth. The FBI that wired Trump towers and have been spying on President Trump since 2015. We love our local law enforcement and we want to unleash them so they can do their job. But when you are talking about the leaders of the FBI that are working against their political enemies.

MTG believes we will take back the house. The goal for the next congress is to defund the climate scams, defund the IRS that wants to go violently after Americans. We can’t pass continuing resolutions. Republicans need to stand their ground and come up with new budgets and have the courage to defund the democrat programs. Very likely a big fight and a government shutdown will follow. Republicans shouldn’t be afraid of the government shutdown and lean into them and get the right thing done and get it to last.