Last week’s episode with Dr. Tidman was awesome. How he said that everyone that makes the rules should have accountability.

The turnaround of the medical director in WA, from demanding the students wear the masks to now condemning them because her son has had speech problems due to the mask.

Washington DC mayor, Bowser, has banned unvaxed students and mandated the students to wear the mask. There aren’t any plans for zoom classes or alternative means of instruction.

The treatment is going to be more fatal than the actual disease. Last night at the Rally in Maryland, The President hung his hat on the Hero’s Act of 2003 for the Student Forgiveness saying that we are in the middle of a pandemic.

There are so many people that are defending it. But it’s a bad idea. The US government is so in debt and we are going to borrow money at these high interest rates to pay off these debts. Why didn’t the federal government mandate the colleges to pay this debt with all the endowments that they have.

How can the president spend all the money? He can’t but it would get reversed until it gets to the Supreme Court. According to 2010 and what they put in place, Biden can do what he wants because the government took over the student loans. And until it gets in front of the supreme court. They feel they have all the rights to do this because of all the bureaucracies and rules they have in place.

There are millions that have standing to bring a suit against the government for the debt forgiveness. Millions couldn’t go to school because the debt was so huge that they took the opportunity to go to school.

If you are making 125K a year you should have enough to make the payments. Now to do the applications the department of education is already saying they don’t have enough people in their department are they going to hire more people to process these applications.

When you have been programmed and you watch all these liberal left media and they have been to the indoctrination centers. But they are having these memories where they are trying to figure out if this is right. And they are starting to figure out the education cartel. If you take 100 people, 90 are unhappy with the announcement.

When America’s small business did what they were supposed to do for the PPP loans and they had the expectation of having it forgiven. But with the student loans, the students signed the documents saying they will pay back when out of school and could have a 6 month deferment until they found a job.

Will the Department of Education give a “gift receipt” which will cause them to have to pay taxes on the money gifted.

Maryland National Bank paid Biden several times the price of his house in exchange for the amendment on the Bankruptcy act in 2005. And they also hired Hunter Biden as a consultant for 100K a year. The amendment would exclude credit card debt. Delaware is where all the credit card companies are. They were Biden’s largest donors for all his campaigns. He doesn’t get asked about his dealings

Trump got raided on the documents that we inventoried in May and he was instructed to store and padlock. The affidavit is coming out today and will be redacted.

Adam Kinzinger several months ago released the death threat and it got talked about for 2 days. This week MTG was SWAT’ed and fortunately she didn’t go to the door without her gun. The intention was to have MTG killed by going to the door with the gun in her hand, called Death by Police. Then the caller called back saying they were angry with MTG for her transgender bill. In the conversation with BKP yesterday, she explains why she is such a threat to the left.

Mitch McConnell wants RINOs that he can control and if he can’t get those he will take a democrat that Schumer can control. McConnell and Schumer are friends and know how to work the government. They don’t need any renegades. That is why Trump couldn’t get elected because he is not part of the system.

Winners and Losers