Dr. Tidman’s talks about a friend’s battle with COVID and how he was ministering to the staff of the hospital.

COVID to blame as US life expectancy falls. The first time it has fallen in 100 years. The two causes were because of the COVID deaths and the lack of treatment. The diseases of desperation, overdose, suicide, etc. In the first and second years of COVID all causes of mortality went up a huge amount. The treatment offered by the WHO and CDC of the world to shut everything down and keep your social distance is the cause of the access to mortality.

Congressman’s wife dies after taking herbal remedies for weight loss. The nutraceuticals are totally unregulated and are the wild west. It is a huge business taking in trillions of dollars a year. The hope is the nutraceutical industry will begin to be regulated. If you decide to go down that road in taking supplements purchase through a local pharmacy and make sure it has a stamp with US Pharmacopeia.