What took place at the democrat convention. The morning was filled with business and everything went smooth and passed unanimous. The most exciting was when Rev Warnock spoke. The afternoon around 2pm was filled with training sessions.

The resolutions passed voting rights submitted by Bee Ngygen, end to misinformation suggested by Barack Obama submitted by Gail Buckner, reproductive justice, labor, public service, loan forgiveness, civil rights work continue, john lewis,

Barack Obama misinformation, some people still believe that the election was stolen. There are some in the republican ranks in congress when clearly that has been investigated several times and there is currently a special prosecutor in Fulton Co. There are 14K cases that aren’t being heard in Fulton County because the DA is busy with the political theater case.

Student Loans – there is discussion about the student loans but it shouldn’t backfire. The democrats are advocating for the free technical school. Sometimes you have to do something like this. It was time to forgive student loan debt because there are several students that wouldn’t be able to pay off their loans because of their income. Spending has been out of control for many years. Spending trillions and trillions of dollars, inflation is out of control. Right now it is not the time to forgive student loans, they don’t even have a number. shouldn’t address the cartel and corruption and the price of tuition. IF you are going to forgive this debt how can you agree to that and not fix the problem that caused the issue in the first place. The student loan debt is a drop in the bucket compared to the help with the war in Ukraine and Nasa about to go to the moon. The democrats have a more domestic agenda. The democrats are about to tax the billionaires like Bill Gates.

87000 tax collectors – ordinary Americans are concerned about this much government. This much spending, debt forgiveness. The agents that are being hired are replacement agents.

Stacey Abrams – Leader Abrams was the final speaker of the day. The momentum built throughout the day. Her focus was on One Georgia, voter rights, reproductive rights, overall it was a message to lift the democrats up and to get the message out. She wants to raise the basic teacher level to 50K from 36K. The republicans get their money from other states. And look at the PAC and dark money on both sides of the aisle. Our economy would collapse if we got all the money in politics.

Warnock is lockstep with Joe Biden and hasn’t made any independent stand for Georgians. When you represent a state you should bring issues to the floor that concern your state. A list of things that Warnock has done for GA and what he has accomplished with GA. Kemp is lockstep with Trump. Now they are trying to be very quiet about Trump to not give the democrats a platform to run on. Kemp has done a very good job in walking a tightrope. Warnock’s staff came to many local county staff to let them know of the monies they were eligible for to upgrade roads, buildings, etc. There has been a lot of good. The capping of insulin. There comes a time when people can’t buy insulin and they have to go to the emergency room . but the statement that warnock said that republicans won’t support the $35 cap on insulin. There are a lot of churches that take care of their pastor, which is the excuse for the $7400 monthly allowance for housing.

Training – big focus on voter protection. Phone bank training. Boots on the ground. Poll observers and people to call the boards of elections to see if there are any openings in the elections office.

Concern is that the schools don’t notify the parents that the kids are transitioning. Do democrats in GA including Stacey Abrams agree that parent’s rights trump all other rights.