They are going to consider us insensitive for doing the ogre theme. Fetterman rejects OZ offer to hold first debate, calls lists of concessions insulting. The deep state corporate corrupt media is campaigning for Fetterman in PA. they are attacking Dr. Oz everyday. It is possible they may give up on GA and shift the money to PA. To do a debate, Oz offers to pay for additional medical personnel Fetterman needs. And at any point Fetterman can take a break at any time during the debate. He will be allowed all his notes and ear pieces so he can have the staff give him information real time. The media has hit back and they are carrying Fetterman’s water. Fettermen releases a letter saying he will consider a productive discussion when Dr. Oz takes this seriously. What does Fetterman want to discuss: letting a third of the prison population free, legalizing all drugs, how far left do you want to go Bernie Sanders?

The media is spouting all the Biden wins and the extremism of Trump. The words that will break through to independents. Who’s’ side are you on? They want to attack Americans over and over. It’s the fight for an independent vote.