Fetterman in PA has made the announcement that he will not debate Dr. Oz.

Joe Biden goes to PA in a staged crowd, they set these trips up but it will be a different scenario come Saturday. Right after Labor Day, Lee will be coming on the show to give updates on PA starting next week.

Why would you ever pay another student loan? Loan relief applications open to borrowers in early october. Applicants will launch in Oct. states will be issuing tax guidance in the coming days. When you take out a loan the other side gets fully funded. When you buy a car they get fully funded. They shift the money over and it is fully funded. It works the same with the college. They don’t wait for you to make the payments. When you sign on the dotted line the 10K goes to the college, they don’t wait. Every single time Joe Biden has made any announcement it comes through Miguel Cardona, the Secretary of the Department of Education. You hear about the state university system and that is part of the Department of Education. The Department of Education is the worst bureaucracy out there. They make all these rules and are completely independent of the government. So 2010 when Obama shifted 100% of student loan responsibility to the Department of Education. It went on a ledger and got fully funded. This ruling will only shift on a ledger sheet inside the Department of Education. Who would be getting the money? If the federal government sent an order over. When you pass a spending bill and it goes to the House of Representatives, they send a purchase order to Jerome Powell at the Federal Reserve to print the money to fund things. But the half a trillion dollars is not going through the House of Representatives. It’s debt forgiveness, not debt payment. They are shifting it on a ledger sheet from one column to the other, the paid column. Forgiving a debt is different, because it doesn’t require the House to pass a bill. The Department of Education is shifting the dollar amount. It is not like someone is paying a bill, they are just saying you don’t owe it. They aren’t funding anything. This half a trillion dollars got funded over here, what they are doing is shifting the burden to a column calling it paid. This is helping some people but it is angering the masses.

Last night at midnight the DOJ files brief overnight rejecting the special master over the documents.