BKP gets personal. There are areas that BKP does not touch on. But Politics is what BKP knows, BKP can read the tea leaves. He has been studying the media for decades. Expect a segment soon of how to join the republican party. BKP goes into the history of his family and the republican party.

We are going to talk about the good transition from democrat to republican next week. The establishment will hate it. How republican is MAGA. The attack is on MAGA. They want you to believe the authorities, Larry Hogan, Karl Rove, and the like. We refuse to sit here and allow Joe Biden and the establishment, the republican they are ok with. MAGA is considered dangerous because we are against corruption, we believe in two genders, and that marriage is between a man and a woman. We are dangerous because we don’t believe a tree is god and that the sun god will warm us for the winter and the god of wind that will turn the propellers on the windmills. We are extreme. We believe you should not indoctrinate our children but your children should be taught reading, writing and math. We think our children should pray. Think about what they think is ok. Think about what Joe Biden is going to say about the Soul of America. MAGA is not a bad thing. Parents should have the rights and should not be considered the parental beings over children or birthing parent. We understand what we are fighting for in America.

If you are tuning into FOX news and leaving the tv on for 10-12 hours a day you are not participating and this is not your contribution to Making America Great Again. #CorporateCorruptMedia includes FOX news. If you’re watching Karl Rove and Steve Doocy you are part of the problem. FOX news is establishment. BKP is MAGA.

There is a republican party meeting tonight and the theme is “How to talk to a liberal”. BKP wants to talk to you on why your still watching nonsense like FOX news and not getting out there helping.