They are turning the ship. You are going to have to talk to your friends. We have until November, but they have the voting season starting in October. If you go back 50 years and look at the growth of the country and how we could have planned through that growth to handle election day. But you have been convinced that we need to have an election season and that they can take the bus from black churches and take them in on the Sunday voting day. What sounds racist is when Fetterman talks down to black Americans saying that only white voters have enough sense to get ID.

The Democrats have the big MO. The media is caring for the democrats so they don’t have to campaign. The big momentum has shifted since March. They have turned the ship around. Everything that BKP has told you was going to happen has happened. They have turned the narrative all the way around. Back in March and April, we were a little confused why CNN was reporting a real story. You can’t turn something around unless there is a major disaster. They created the fire and started and now the media is crediting them for solving the problem. They are the party of motion; they have the momentum. A 12% shift from march with a total of 15% shift with independents. Do you think independent voters are watching CNN, MSNBC? No, wonder which network they watch. Polling shows Americans prefer the current stumbling, mumbling President. The reason why they didn’t play everything that Joe said yesterday in PA, because he was very racist, his lies and how he bumbled everything saying Shapiro for senate and Fetterman for governor. They couldn’t have Fetterman and Biden on the same stage. MSNBC knows that FOX news carries the most independent voters out there. FOX news participated the first time that Obama ran, saying that he was ok and that he would not be as radical as he was reported. Fox news helped bring Obama and Joe Biden. FOX news has turned the summer around for the democrats.

How long will Brian Kilmeade sit next to Steve Doocy? Steve Doocy is full to the left and he will attack a conservative and the next thing you see he is doing a cook show and a dog segment.

We know what they did and what we have to do now to win. The media put Trump on the ballot so we wouldn’t talk about what is coming this winter. If you are turned in to FOX news for 6 hours a day, if you leave it on in the background. You are part of the problem. You are MAGA in name only. MAGA doesn’t go along with the bullshit they are pushing. FOX news played a part in turning the democrat ship around.

When Joe Biden is out on the campaign trail, he feels so damn comfortable with Steve Doocy, Larry Hogan, Karl Rove and never-trumpers making it safe for Joe to go out. The founding fathers of this country never intended for the media to use the first amendment to use it to be complicit and be a part of a crime.