The Panel talks about the Biden Soul of the Nation Speech. “Accuse those that you oppose of that which you are guilty.” Everything was laid out for timing. Jan 6 hearing during the summer, the raid on Mar-a-Lago, the speech. Tried to lay claim to what part of the republican party they will accept, the swamp. COVID no longer controls our lives, why did they have to use the HERO’S act to get the Student Debt Forgiveness. He does not say the Inflation Reduction Act. Most Americans are catching on that something is wrong here. Can the Media be that dumb and liberal to continue the narrative of the Administration? Everything that spins around is political manipulation. If there is anything out there that is triggering or disagreeing is now called hate speech. There is a whole generation that is growing up with that in mind.

Why the energy transition will fail. Civilization still relies on hydrocarbons for 84% of the energy. That is only 2 percentage points less than 2 years ago. This study looked at Europe, China and the USA. Currently the USA has about 1-2 months of national demand of hydrocarbons in storage for sustaining the country. All the unique rare earth chemicals to make batteries to sustain the world are not available or known to exist. They continue to look at Europe, China, and the USA with their known energy usage, in order to make the batteries to sustain the energy usage. There would need:
4B tons of copper needed, known reserves is 880M covers only 20% of required. Only 700M tons have been mined in all of history and the remainder of the 700M needed to be mined in the next 22 years.
1B tons of nickel and Lithium needed, known reserves 95Mof each
218M tons of cobalt, known reserves 7M

With all this information, why is the push to go all electric with this information being made available. It is a marriage between the corporation and states and when they are together the masses are controlled. But the combustion engine lines are able to go back and be retooled. Elon Musk has come out publicly saying the world can not sustain without petroleum. Who believes that when the government is coming out saying that we will be at zero emissions. The younger generation is saying that someone will come along and figure it out.

CA has outlawed new service stations. By 2035 they have outlawed the sale of gas powered vehicles. CA sent out a notification to not charge their EV this weekend.
The Iran Deal that is in the works and if it gets sneaked in the backdoor it will be a disaster. And Iran wants a trigger deal. They want compensation for the case if the US backs out. Israel doesn’t want Iran to resurrected themselves and get nuclear weapons. Iran will flood the market with oil and possible fund the terrism around the world.

There are 365 deaths a day due to fentanyl. That is equivalent to a plane crash everyday. What would happen if we had a plane crash everyday, we would ground all planes until we figured out what happened. Put that into perspective.

The increase of utility prices across the country and millions of Americans are using apps to help pay for groceries. And the democrats are trying to take that off the ballot in November.

Winners and Losers