In 2016 Hillary was calling the people in PA to hold off the announcement that Trump had won, hoping they could figure something out but they never could.

This video from Citizens for Sanity. Google Portland or. How many people are selling their homes and getting out of Portland Or. this video was not created to stir misinformation. This is all true. They are not recorded scenes. This is gang violence. Biden can yell semi-fascist. And Biden can continue to go on and on about how dangerous the MAGA group is but they won’t discuss the crime increases across the nation. If you don’t see it, it doesn’t happen is what they think.

Doc poses with a patient, a child, she just mutilated from gender affirming surgery. The doctor removes the breasts from the child.

AZ troopers discover 46 pounds of fentanyl pills during a traffic stop. They were being smuggled from Nogales Mexico to Phoenix. They were tucked inside the door panel. Just think if Joe Biden wasn’t trying to steal 370B of taxpayer money with John Podesta, if he wasn’t in PA and Wi lying to people, If joe wasn’t on stage in PA attacking you and I. what would happen if these people on the border would have the ounce of support to stop the drugs coming across our southern border.

OPEC slashes oil production by 100K barrels a day as prices fall. OPEC says no to Joe Biden.

Top Justice Department lawyer was partners with Hunter Biden’s attorney. Hunter’s attorney was Chris Clark, a partner at NY based firm Latheam and Walkins worked with McQuaid on at least 4 different cases. McQuaid was named acting head of the Justice Department criminal division on Jan 20, 2021. Clark started representing Hunter a month before in December. All they want to talk about is Jan 6. They want to forget about anything in October happening. You can not make this up. And Trump is the bad guy talking about this corruption.