The media for some reason there was very little discussion about the Trump rally but there was a lot of talk about the 100 people at the Biden rally. Joe couldn’t get 100 people assembled. Why does Joe think he can help in PA?

There weren’t any reports of any violence, looting or vandalism in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

The arena was beyond capacity in PA at the Trump rally. The left were taking pictures about 4pm saying that the Trump rally was half empty. And kept the narrative saying the place was empty. But we have established it was sold out. And it was packed and massive. And the people watching were massive. So this is unheard of. We have never had a former president pulling these kinds of crowds. This is a former president and it is not an election year.

Why did Trump come to PA? Right after the primary was decided in PA the left ran the narrative that the candidates were scrubbing the ties to Trump. Trump came to kick off the campaigns between Mastriano and Oz. They are different candidates and they have a different following. Trump was coming to put the following together and get everyone going in the same direction.

The rally was different. The speech was different. He is going back to the original of the 2016 movement. He is staring over. The state party dignitaries were not there. He is starting over. It is the 2016 movement all over again. He is starting over against the establishment. There were less handlers and more Trump. It was trending on Twitter with the same feeling of the original movement. Getting people back to the old movement. It was not loaded with party members, typically they are there waiting to be recognized.

Trump never dreamed that the FBI was so bad, but now he knows it.

MTG was in attendance and PA loves her.

The rally was electric. Is it going to translate into the win in November? Fetterman walked out with Biden and didn’t stand next to him. Shapiro was nowhere to be seen with Biden. Biden is going to PA to try to increase the energy in the democrat party. PA is a battle round again. Fetterman peaked early. And Mastriano and OZ are up ticking. Trump handled the segments perfectly. He showcased Mastriano and annihilated Fetterman. Everyone should want to keep Fetterman out of the US Senate. The US Senate votes for all citizens, not just the state they represent.

If Joe cared about the black people he would have been in Jackson when they were without water for days. And the people in Philly are walking around like Zombies with needles hanging from their arms. The crime is horrendous in Philly.

Oz was in awe of the massive crowds. He was trying to shake hands with everyone. He loves people and wants to meet everyone he can. It is unfair that the media isn’t pressuring Fetterman more. The MSNBC “interview” was not an interview. Fetterman will only put out clips and will not discuss issues or debate Oz. Fetterman has no problem with drugs. The people are concerned with drugs and fentanyl. If the tax payers are concerned about student loans they will be paying for taxpayers injection sites.

Apolitical voter says ”It is still about the economy” The democrats want to distract us, abortion, FBI raid etc. we should be talking about the food shortages, the heating home in winter,

Joe Rogan says vote republican. Zuckerburg says the FBI gave them a heads up about Russian propaganda right before the laptop hit. The news is getting out.

If all the MAGA people vote for Oz he wins. It is the hard right that are reserved about Oz. Oz is pulling independents. Mastriano pledges voter ID on day one. When Oz and Mastriano join Trump on the stage. They are different styles and they are both MAGA. Mastriano has the most amazing grassroots movement since 1994. He barely needs any staff people are giving up their jobs/homes to get Mastriano elected. They have the churches involved. On the other side Oz has all the professionals and independents. If both teams put it together they both win.

Republicans need to get it that it is the US Senate. People need to send donations across state lines. Mitch McConnell is gone. With JD Vance, Herschel Walker and Dr. Oz. WE have to get new guys elected.