They want to lead you to believe they are concerned about election integrity. The guy with the money bags has sent Stacey Abrams $3M and Joe Biden $17M. He is tied to John Podesta and how Podesta just got back into the White House to steal $370B.

As the campaign and the election got closer, the polls will start to get closer. Walker is up in the polls by 3pts. Will this end up in a run off? They have agreed to a debate in Savannah. Warnock wants the questions to come from Greg Bluestein from the AJC, they do not want to do a fair debate. Republicans are finally standing up and making decisions to not debate anymore on the liberal playing grounds. Warnock has tried to say over and over again that Walker will not debate. But Herschel’s team has done a good job getting out the message that he would debate and gave the time and date and rules to the debate. Warnock has already lost that Walker will not debate. They are still negotiating but it looks like there will be a debate.

Brian Kemp has hit the 50% mark. Abrams is at 42. The libretarian is not doing well in the governor race because people don’t like Shane Hazel. Stacey is not out of the race but the Abrams camp doesn’t like where they are at. The Abrams campaign is having trouble finding their groove because their message is that Brian Kemp is doing it but we are going to do better. Abrams is having difficulty trying to find a lane to run in. They want you to believe that abortion is on the ballot. It is on the ballot but not at a level that would make a difference. A mother of 2,3,4 children is more concerned with feeding their children.

Louisiana schools don’t have to implement Biden’s new transgender protections. The school season has started and so has the gay avengers. Single young women and college women the concern may be high for abortion but mothers are concerned about the LGBTQ agenda indoctronate their kids is a higher concern. The new Title 9 rules the transgender kids can go into the girls bathrooms and locker rooms. The threat is to take away the federal funding.

Codifying same sex marriage is not a hot topic like the dems want it to be. The American people don’t like to pay the high gas prices. Democrats are hopeful they can codify same sex marriage. They want to terrify you that republicans are trying to change the outcome of an election. That democracy is at stake.

The number one thing that Herschel Walker has going for him right now is that it is college football season. GA football is part of the political playbook this fall. GA is coming off the national championship win. They have elevated to #1 in the nation. GA has the College Hall of Fame. and GA is college football crazy on Saturdays. And they have Herschel Walker running the Heisman Trophy winner.

Arizona Senate race. You are hearing the media that Mitch McConnell has already pulled out of AZ. Blake Masters can win in AZ. AZ is a border state. Washington DC is now saying they are a border town. And saying that Texas and Arizona are to blame for their increase in migrants coming into their city. So folks, they don’t want to talk about the border crisis. Kamala Harris is talking to Chuck Todd this weekend on Meet the Press about border security. Chuck Todd questioned the security of the border with a record 2 million people that crossed and Kamala Harris reiterated that the border is secure and the imigration policies we have damaged over the last 4 years. Remember for 4 years, Trump was struggling to get the wall paid for. What would you have been ok with as American people? Trump saying that Mexico would pay for the wall and then turning around having to pay for the wall or spending the money to Ukraine. Trump tried to get Mexico to pay for the wall and would have had it financed but they kept running against all Trump’s efforts. The American people know the truth. There is a real good chance that Blake Masters can win AZ because the people know the truth and Kari Lake is tied with Hobbs. This is the second poll that Kari Lake is tied with the democrat. AZ is the taking from the republicans if we get behind our candidates. The only reason we would not take AZ is because people don’t want the candidates because they are endorsed by Donald Trump. All 3, governor, senate, secretary of states are endorsed by Trump.