You do not hear the mention of JD Vance. It is possible they have thrown in the towel on the race in OH. It is possible that it is a run away race.

Oz in PA. The ogre with the hootie that wants to empty out the prisons and wants safe drug injections zones. In PA a battleground state.

We know they stole the 2020 election. We just want fair, free, accurate legal elections. We will even say let the winner be declared the winner, even if it is a democrat. We just want to put people in place that will ensure a free fair, accurate honest election. The media wants to tell you that if we put these people in place the democracy will end. Jamie Raskin from Maryland says the electoral college is an accident waiting to happen. He is on the Jan 6 special committee. They want to end our constitutional republic and want to turn the country into a popular vote democracy. They don’t want Kansas to make unless they can make up a phony false story about abortion. ID, IA, WY, KS to matter they want the coasts to matter. They want all the inner city population to matter. We want to stop the fraud. We want to save the republic, they want to turn it into a democracy and they want to save the democracy which we are not. Our founding fathers knew that a democracy would not work, it would alienate states that are sparsely populated. The democrats are concerned about the people that are running for Secretary of State being election deniers.

Jonathan Swain at Axios is pretty good. There are a lot of times that when he analyzes something he goes down the middle. You heard him say that the Trump rally was packed to the rafters and that it is hard to judge where the left is because there isn’t any excitement among the suburban moms and inflation is high. Suburban moms are not happy about the gay avengers and are concerned about the indoctrination of their kids. The one in uniform is the Asst Sec of the HHS and is in charge of administering the LGBTQ agenda in our kids schools.

Lousiana’s state superintendent that the schools are under no obligation to implement a proposal by the Biden administration that could expan transgender student’s access to sports teams and bathrooms that align with their gender idenity. This proposal will take away from federal money given to the schools including the lunch programs if the schools don’t adhere to the Biden executive order proposal for the change in Title 9. The proposal would update the federal education law that bans sex-based discrimination by extending discrimination protections to LGBTQ students. The rule largely focuses on undoing the Trump-era Title 9 rules that mandates how schools must respond to reports of sexual misconduct in schools. They are worried about saving our democracy and they are ok with the queers running through our schools indoctrinating our kids. And you wonder why our teachers are burned out. 90% of our teachers want to teach our kids and they don’t want to deal with social emotional learning. Rhonda Thomas will be with us tomorrow at 9am to talk about social emotional learning.