American know what is happening in our country. The Biden administration on track to be the most LGBTQ inclusive in US History. The LGBTQ appointments in the Biden Harris administration is at 200 known as of April 29, 2021.

Andrew Clyde wrote a letter to Miguel Cradona, Secretary of Dept of Ed saying that we oppose the proposed rule change to redefine sex-based discrimination and sex-based harassement under Title 9 of the Education Amendments of 1972. The man that is the assistant Secretary of HHS, thinks he is a woman. The largest topic on his plate is to be in charge of the Health and Human Services in public schools.

The schools have switched to behavior and social emotional learning. Teachers would like to teach and not social emotional learning. It is all about changing a child’s beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, values and doing so by destabilizing their emotions. A child leaves the home safe and loved. They enter the schools they are on an unlevel playing field and they are being hit with things they can not comprehend and they are kept in a heightened state of anxiety every day. There are disorders never seen before in children such as PTSD and a lot of behavioral issues.

Parents are thinking that the kids are getting the natural social growth in our schools. What is going on in the schools and what do parents need to be on the lookout for in their book bags. Unfortunately the information is online and the curriculum is all online and very subtle. The kids aren’t understanding what is happening. They are seeing one of their friends going through the journey of choosing whether they are a boy or a girl then in middle school they see their friend go through a transition. Children don’t have the critical thinking skills to process the social emotional learning agenda. It is even in our pre-K classes.

The Biden administration has threatened to take the lunch money if the schools don’t abide by the rules for transgender agenda. This is dangerous. It will harm our daughters and affect their privacy. We don’t know how it will affect our sons. How he couldn’t be accused of something. What is this going to do when pedophilia comes to our schools. The surplus in our budget should go to our schools and turn down the federal funds to stop this total take over of the children. We are turning into a therapeutic education. There isn’t anything that is focused on reading and math. It is about emotions and behavior. We are currently feeding, clothing and finding housing for the kids. The last is the medical. The school based health clinics will be everything your child will need. In GA at age 13 the child can make outpatient decisions to take medication, what will happen if the child thinks they want to transition without the knowledge of the parents.

Truth in Education does training classes. On Oct 22, there is an event with speakers to equip parents with the information to connect the dots to feel empowered to make a difference. The trojan horse that is allowing all this to happen in our schools is social emotional learning.

The mental health bill HB1013 will help staff the mental health clinics in our schools. You don’t hear anything about CORE competencies, it’s all cultural competencies and mental health. It starts at infancy. Will they have a mental health worker for every new parent? If you can control someone’s emotions you control the child. Social emotional learning helps find the identity of the children and they promote it. Mental health is behavioral and it is the responsibility of the parents but the schools are taking it over. The mental health bill will change the school based clinics.

We are moving away from academics and it is all about mental control. There is a school in GA that is scanning a barcode when the student does something correct, we are creating a social credit score for our children. is the main social emotional framework that all educational platforms have to align with to be developed.