Democrats are in desperation. The big concern is that they are kicking in the Operation Steal the 2022 Election because they are worried this morning. The democrat candidates won’t debate. Warnock tried to make it look like Herschel Walker would not debate. Warnock was trying to set up debates with the deep state media. Walker’s team said no, we are not walking into the attack. Warnock has had to accept the debate in Savannah in October we will see how that plays out.

Democrat Hobbs refuses to debate Lake in AZ for governor. calling Kari Lake a conspiracy theorist. Is the definition of conspiracy theorist someone calling the border is not secure. Pointing out the mirage they are trying to paint as the gas is coming down. Hobbs doesn’t want to stand on the state and be confronted by all the issues of the nation, drugs, children, border, inflation, etc

Fetterman in PA needs to debate more than once for the US senate. Fetterman being reported that he stammers appears confused and keeps his remarks short.

Ryan in OH won’t debate Vance in OH for US Senate.

Your top voting block in the United States is the senior citizens. The democrats can’t come up with an issue that republicans want to push grandma over the cliff. But no one is talking about property assessments and the schools raising taxes. So the seniors on fixed income are having to come out of retirement to make ends meet. Seniors are not concerned about codifying Roe v Wade. They are concerned about the economy and having to find a job to pay the electric bill.

You need to talk to your neighbor to stop this nonsense.

Crime is skyrocketing. Americans are dealing with an enormous crime rate right now. And democrats are in desperation and we can’t take our foot off their throat right now. How safe is your city? Robbery soars by 13% and aggravated assaults by 2.6% in big US cities so far this year. It is not the insurrection or jan 6 or codifying Roe v Wade or saving democracy that is not the concern of Americans. Fetterman wants to reduce the prison population and release them back into the communities. People are concerned in their neighborhoods and are concerned by people who want to let the bad guys out on the streets. Listen to Mandela Barnes, the current Lt Gov of Wis. campaigning for US Senate, he wants to defund the police but wants a personal security detail. They are over and above us. Look how many times he backed the rioters in Kenosha.

Kamala in an interview saying we have a secure border. Kamala has changed the definition of secure. American’s want to put people in DC that will stop the crazy.

The desperation in OH. Tim Ryan is trying everything to get the people out to vote. He is a democrat member of congress in OH running against JD Vance. They are so worried that democrats will come out and vote for JD Vance because Kamala came out to say that the border is secure and seniors are having to get a job and the crazies are after our kids. They are in a statistical tie in OH for the Senate seat. Ryan is on the Morning Joe to whip up the crazy base and not talk about the economy and inflation. Ryan turned on the border but didn’t vote for the 87K IRS agents and sent money to Ukraine. IF he was truly concerned about the border as he states on Morning Joe he would have sent the 87K border patrol agents and shifted the money that is going to Ukraine to the border. Let’s look for all the places where he calls fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction. Let’s see how many times he has defended the border patrol agents?

If you get on the debate stage and the republicans get an opportunity to say the 87K border agents and billions sent to Ukraine sent to the border to secure the border and stop the fentanyl that is coming across the border.

They are in such desperation in OH because Trump will hold a rally this Saturday in Youngstown OH for JD Vance. They are so worried in OH because of the fired up Trump rallies and inflation while the democrats aren’t excited and are not rallying behind their candidates. The Trump rallies aren’t staged.

More republican money is flowing to the AZ Senate race. A new PAC is sending money to Blake Masters. Hobbs will not debate Kari Lake and Blake Masters for the win in AZ.